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Providing phygital solutions, expert of physical and digital.

A passionate team, aiming to enhance everyone's life with innovative digital solutions.

Working in Poitou-Charente and Aquitaine, we create business solutions to solve your problems, whether you are a society or institutional.

Aldébarande offers you a strategic help in your digitalization strategy, by including a differentiating communication.

Our mission is to reinforce your concurrency advantage. To do so, we work on improving your information system (ERP, CRM, supply chain) by making it interact with your external communication devices (such as interactive display windows, tactile desks, outdoor totems, web...).

After an in-depth analyse, our engineers will suggest a set of actions on your current IS, and all their help to incorporate new innovative solutions with great added value to it. Our mission is to offer your business more flexibility and to enhance your customers' experience in order to maximize your ROI.

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For efficient strategics and communications.
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149, rue de Limoges
16000 Angoulême
+33 (0)5 45 373 370
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vitrine tactile Era

logo Era

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We offer you one of the latest technological innovations: the tactile display applied to immovable properties.

Optimize your display by showing the full range of your immovable properties, viewable at any moment.

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Heavenly Sens is a box fitted with a tactile transparent touch screen, in order to sublimate your luxury products in duty free or outlet mall: it gives clients the opportunity to discover your products through this interactive software.
bouteille Tiffon
frigo Jolival

logo Jolival

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During the Festival of French Movie in Angoulême, we collaborated with Jolival, and found a way to sublimate their product using a surprising device: a refrigerator with a dynamic transparent door, broadcasting an animation showcasing all their bottles.

logo De Luze

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During the Festival of French Movies in Angoulême, we collaborated with Cognac De Luze, and suggested a software to display their latest bottle, the XO, as well as their tradition and history, using the Heavenly Sens box.

bouteille De Luze

logo Implanet

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Implanet called on us to display their range of surgical implants, by using a tactile dynamic screen, allowing health professionals to review these products.